Dr Annemarie Christie

Learning Difficulties


School can be challenging for kids, parents and teachers! When children have a learning difficulty, school can be so much worse. This has been shown to be associated with increased rates of anxiety, depression, criminality and suicide. So how do we best help these kids? As health and education professionals, we are in a unique position to make school FUN! So what works best? 

Join us for a lively discussion on how to identify, investigate, support and encourage these kids.


Language is essential for social development as well as for communication. Disorders of language can result in frustration for children and parents. It can affect behaviour and play. Tonight we will have a look at normal language development, when to seek intervention and how we, as professionals, can help parents and carers to encourage effective communication and social skills.​

Building Resilience 


Resilience is the buzzword of the moment.
Kids don't have it - parents want to find it! 
But where did it go? And why has it gone?
How can we give it back to our kids who we are nurturing, teaching and leading?

We are healthier and wealthier than any other time in history and yet our kids have increasing rates of anxiety, stress and unhappiness.

So what can we, as health professionals do to help? 

Come along for some creative brainstorming to see how we can affect change.

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